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No perfect age to lose your virgin hat

No perfect age to lose your virgin hat
I am in 11th standard and want to be a musician. My parents refuse to understand my dreams! I don’t want to study after 12th. How to convince them?
Suraj Raheja, Jaipur
Convincing parents to quit studying might actually be a war. If I was you, I would have held onto my dreams and at the same time completed my basic graduation/ college. You surely can choose music or something similar as a course too! In that case, you can have best of both the worlds! Education is never wasted. Good luck.

We had a love marriage in October last year but we are not happy. Everyday there is a fight and he is a completely different guy! What should I do? I’m shattered.

Name unknown.
Marriage and mirage sometimes go hand in hand. But, I would request you to hold on to your relation and try your best to make it better. A quiet vacation might act as a catalyst and you surely can get closer and sort matters. A constructive confrontation with loads of cuddles, love can help warm up the situation for better. This looks like an initial rough patch which will be green soon. Don’t let go of your patience and dreams easily. Wish you good luck.

I’m a single woman and a virgin. At 28, is this abnormal? My cousin tells me to visit a doctor as he feels that I lack normal urge.

D. Patel, New Delhi
The drive or urge varies from person to person. I’m not sure whether you have had relationship/s in the past. Ideally, if you feel love, you tend to make love. Love cannot be physically extended if you don’t feel the chemistry and spark. Don’t let peer pressure control you. Live happily and be sure that it will happen when it has to. There is no perfect age or season to lose your virgin hat. Just relax and flow with the tide.

Last year, I got engaged and now my fiance is forcing me to get physical. We are supposed to get married end of this year but I’m not sure about taking this step. Can you guide?
Name unknown
This is completely your personal decision. If you like him, you have faith and you are comfortable, you surely can get closer. It is completely your choice and should not be controlled on what he wants or expects! May be some more time and you will be feeling complete being with him. Don’t rush into it. Two people stay a lifetime only when respect rules. Your partner will surely understand you and will help you overcome the inhibition. All the best!

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