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No more Taliban fears, Afghan girls dare to play soccer

No more Taliban fears, Afghan girls dare to play soccer
Afghan girls have left behind years of strife and torment under the Taliban rule. They feel liberated to even play football out in the open unmindful of the repercussions.

The Under-17 girls of Kabul’s Rabia Balkhi High School came to Delhi to play in the Subroto Cup football tournament, breaking all barriers, risking parental disapproval and ostracisation.

The girls are aware of the volatile ground realities back home, but they are not scared of dealing with the situation.

Zrafchan Nimiy, a ninth class student, who also doubles as the team’s spokesperson, said that she and her team mates are not scared of the Taliban.

‘When I was a kid I used to be very scared to even step out of my house. But now we have democracy and there is police. The players in this team are not scared any more. We believe in our police; they have assured us that they wouldn’t let anything happen to us,’ Nimiy said. ‘Football for us is a way to forget the nightmarish happenings not long ago and also what is still happening around us. For me personally, I just love the sport.’ Asked how their parents look at their pursuit of playing football, she said:’ First it was a straight no, but thankfully the coach came and spoke to them and they agreed. People who earlier used to shun any activity of this nature are today wishing us well.’

Its said NATO forces are source of inspiration for the girls who were seen playing soccer in a corner.
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