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No more blues for UP traffic cops

No more blues for UP traffic cops
The blue colour of Bahujan Samaj Party regime is fading fast. Earlier, the blue-coloured hoardings were replaced with green and red-coloured ones. Now, the new government has ordered a change in the dress code of the traffic police. The blue-coloured pants have now given way to traditional khakhi pants.

'From 1 July, the traffic police would be seen in the traditional khaki pants instead of blue trousers and white shirts,' Home Secretary Deepak Kumar said on Tuesday.

Blue is the party colour of BSP. The Mayawati government had ordered change in the dress code of the traffic police, from traditional khaki to blue trousers and white shirts. Incidentally, the dress code of Bahujan Voluntary Force – BSP's frontal organisation that control crowd – is also blue and white. The dress of the security staff manning memorials and parks constructed in the memory of dalit icons too have similar dress.

The Mayawati government's decision to change the dress code of the traffic police had drawn criticism from all quarters. Her political opponents had blamed Mayawati for painting the government machinery in her party's colour.

'Traffic police is a wing of the UP police and it looks awkward to see policemen in a uniform different from the other police forces. Moreover, the dress code of Traffic police looks similar to that of guards of private security agencies. Sometimes, it is difficult to ascertain whether a person is a traffic police man or a private guard,' he said.

The traffic police personnel will revert to their earlier uniform of khaki tericot pants, white woolen/tericot shirt, khaki jersey, khakhi woolen/nylon socks, black shoes, white helmet, khaki beret cap, brown leather/web belt and khaki strap of whistle.

The home secretary said now the uniform of constable/head constable of traffic cops would only have two changes, white shirt and beret cap. 'The traffic police sub-inspector and inspector would wear white shirts and not the brown shirts worn by the district police, he said.
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