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No momos, pass me the chaat!

No momos, pass me the chaat!
After all the ‘streetilicious’ delights from Connaught Place and around, we bring you you our picks from Delhi’s very authentic ‘desi’ fast-food joints in Kamla Nagar. 
Kamla Nagar or K-Nags -arguably the most popular ‘hang out’ destination for  Delhi’s Gen-Y and the DU (Delhi University) crowd K-Nags boasts of numerous legendary indigenous fast-food joints, ideal for a snack-on-the-go or a leisurely Sunday brunch with family and friends. 
Moving away from the staple of momo joints and chinjabi fare in the area and the host of Delhi University canteens, we bring you some grear authentic picks that are best enjoyes on an easy chilled-out day in the Capital. Read on...

Since 1956, a small non- descript shop named Om di Hatti at the Shakti Nagar ‘chowk’ is serving mouth-watering Chhole Bhature (priced at a very reasonable Rs 40). Presently run by the founders’ 4thgeneration, Om di Hatti also offers piping hot samosas and chhole-chawal. 

Next, a few meters down and turning right towards the Chhota Gol Chakkar, into the Kamla Nagar market area, you come across Bombay Bhel House, established in 1975, a heaven of healthy, refreshingly light Gujrati snacks. Here you can take your pick from traditional Gujju snacks like Dhokla, Khandvi, Bhel-puri, Khakra, Thepla, etc and a wide range of namkeens.

Just a few shops away from Om Di Hatti you will find one of the best and easily the cheapest kachori in Delhi. Established in 1941 Sharma KachoriWale offers a serving of 5 small crispy kachoris with spicy aalo-subzi ata ridiculous Rs 16. The taste and flavours are amazing and far better than the exorbitantly priced kachoris found in branded eateries across the city. 

This is true landmark of Kamla Nagar, famous across generations, since 1952, for its lip-smackingly delicious Punjabi Poori-Chhole (Rs 45 for a plate of 2 puris) and very rich and buttery Sweet Lassi (Rs 45). Bille di Hatti is where you can regularly see even the most devoted morning-walker and diet conscious succumb to the ultimate Punjabi combination of Poori-Chhole.

For those who prefer the more ‘chat-pata’ variety of traditional ‘desi’ snacks, Vaishnav Chaat Bhandhar, near Bungalow Road offers the ultimate mouth-watering options in Gol Gappas, Papri Chaat, Aaloo Chaat, Dahi Bhallas and Paneer Tikka at reasonable prices in the range of Rs 40 to Rs 70.

Every day, for more than half a century, Neeraj Corner near the Barha Gol Chakkar, has been dishing out hundreds of glasses of its famous chilled lemonade (lemon-soda) to quench the thirst of millions in Delhi’s killing summer. For the less enlightened, Neeraj Corner also offers other more common beverages and on a chilly in wintery day, one could order a piping hot espresso.
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