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No matter you’re black or white

No matter you’re black or white
I have two daughters. My elder one is fair and the younger one is dusky. Our relatives pass comments on this and this affects my younger one badly. How to solve this?
M Chatterjee, West Bengal

Stop meeting such relatives! Colour and complexion of any person can never be a discriminating factor! This is really sad and unwanted. You should ensure that your children understand that colour and looks don’t compose a person’s life. Always highlight small, good things to your daughters and appreciate their talents. If the younger one is ever upset about this, tell her that she is the most beautiful thing that happened to you and help her to create a beautiful mind.

I’m a divorced female and I fail to understand why frustrated men always hover around! Does being single mean available these days?
Name Unknown, New Delhi

Ideally it shouldn’t be but most of the times ‘ideal’ situations don’t happen. The society and its various animals act and react in a manner that shows their true nature. Be firm in your belief and don’t let these winds break you down. Let go of yourself only when you are ready. Be single and be happy in your world. Ignorance is bliss and use this weapon as long as you don’t find the ‘right’ one. Avoid creeps.
I’m 14 years old. My parents have informed me that they are getting divorced. I have been asked to decide on which parent I choose to stay with.  I’m shattered. I can’t imagine this!
N D, Gurgaon

You have to handle yourself with utmost care as you are special. Concentrate on activities that make you feel good – sport, friends, books, movies. Think both from your head and heart and decide on your choice. Living with one doesn’t mean that you will be completely detached from the other. You must spend time with both your parents according to your will. If you think, then you can also opt for a residential school away from your present location. New environment might be best. Convey your decision accordingly. Cheer up girl, life is beautiful and I’m sure, you will be happy always.

I live with my step mother and dad. I’m in 8th standard. I think my step mom is pregnant. I can’t accept this at all. Can you help?
Name unknown, Haryana

I understand how you must be feeling. It will not be easy at all. But dear, this is a very special time for the parents who are awaiting the arrival of the new one. You can be upset but this will be harmful for your mind and health. You ideally should engage yourself in some activity that you would love to do. This new relationship of an ‘elder sister’ will be a bit challenging at first but will be immensely pleasurable in future. A new life will smile happily and I’m sure you will love it.

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