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No home for commitment phobic

No home for commitment phobic
I’m divorced. My ex husband was impotent. He would beat me up. I have developed a fear towards relationships. How can I come out of it?

Name unknown

I understand how traumatising this is. The dark shadows of our past do linger for a long time. Don’t assume that men in general would be like your ex! As the ten fingers of the hand are all different, so are we! Take time to see the happy couples around which should help you overcome the fear of relationships. There has to be someone who will love and take care of you. Yes, to find ‘Mr. Right’ is a challenge we all face but please come out of your closet and start a new journey. Good Luck!

I have caught my teenage daughter stealing money from the bag. How to handle this?

Mrs Mathur, Noida

I think most of us have done something similar at least once in life. This is some kind of a thrill for kids. If it’s not a big amount then don’t over react now. Keep a watch on her spending habits and the company she keeps. Remember, this needs to be handled with love and care. Don’t lose your heart, be a friend and handle her well.

My mother in law is always interfering. She even walks into our bedroom without any intimation. My husband remains quiet but I’m irritated. How to pass the message without being rude?

Mrs Sen, Kolkata

Just lock the door from inside when you both are in the bedroom. This should ideally give her some idea that you both need ‘privacy’. In-laws in our country truly deserve an applaud sometimes. They pay no heed to the fact that their kids are now grown up and they require their own space. It is difficult but I suggest you to be transparent about your feelings each time something bothers you. All the best!

I live with my step mother and father. I’m in VIIth standard. I think my step mom is pregnant. I can’t accept this at all. Can you help?

Miss Lily, New Delhi

I understand how you must be feeling. It will not be easy at all. But dear, this is a very special time for the parents who are awaiting the arrival of the new one. You can be upset but this will be harmful for your mind and health. You ideally should engage yourself in some activity that you would love to do. This new status of an ‘elder sister’ will be a bit challenging at first but immensely pleasurable in future. A new life will smile happily and I’m sure you will love it.
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