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No child’s play: Average age of a videogamer is 35

It’s not the tech-savvy teens who are obsessed computer gamers, in fact, the average video game player is a 35-year-old married man or woman earning £23,000 a year, a new UK study has found. 
Working Britons are the most likely group to unwind by playing video games and are glued to their console for 12 hours a week, the study found.

Typically, this group will spend about two and a half hours a day, five days a week, in front of their console and regularly stay up until 10.58 pm to play. Researchers surveyed 2,000 people in UK who considered themselves ‘gamers’ and found that women spent just as long indulging in the hobby as men, The Times reported. On average, enthusiasts will spend 12 hours and 32 minutes playing on a video games console each week. ‘The image most people have of a gamer is usually a young boy, holed up for hours in end in their bedroom, only stopping the game for food, drink and toilet breaks,’ it said.
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