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No ‘cash respite’ for Ggn residents

Huge lines were seen at the banks and ATM counters to get the new currency notes following the demonetisation of Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes.

Chaos, confusion and tempers flew high as customers queued up infront of banks and ATM while the latter struggled with logistical challenges in dispensation of cash to desperate and anxious customers.  
Most of the ATMs which resumed its dispensation of currency notes after two days  of closure did not only start to function late at noon but also faced shortage of currency notes. 

Most of the ATMs became non-functional and out-of-service as it was not able to 
bear the huge load of people drawing cash. 

The picture did not look bright even in front of banks in the city which continued to face the wrath of several customers over its logistical challenges.

Resuming functions on the second day, public as well as private banks continued to struggle.

Not only did they fail to provide exchanges for old currency notes and struggled to deposit the Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes, customers who had come  for withdrawal of money from their accounts had to wait for at least an hour for their transactions to get over.  

Like Thursday, banks again fell short of the currency notes on Friday. Not only was there huge shortage of cash but owing to a lot of transactions,  systems in most of the banks crashed causing further delay and trouble for the customers.

Some of the banks created separate counters for senior citizens and women but they made little difference in ensuring faster delivery in transactions. 

Bank officials, however, highlighted that the situation will improve in the coming days as the process will become more streamlined. 
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