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No business like show business

No business like show business
Imaan Imaan Paani (We are Drowning) inspired by Salvador Dali’s The Persistence of Memory and Edvard Munch’s The Scream was directed by Dr. Mrinal Jyoti Goswami and performed by the Bhaxa Xahityo Xonmiloni, Axom, Assam in Assamese, Rabha, Bodo and Gibberish.

Imaan Imaan Paani, is the name of a game played by children in Assam, during a phase when they are still untouched by the turbulence of life.

Purushasukta (Based on Apourusheya) is written by Dr. J. Sreenivasa Murthy and was directed by Joseph John. Purushasukta is the most popular hymn found in all Vedas and used in almost any ritual. The hymn speaks about the Supreme Being - the Purusha, who pervades all that we know and beyond. This world is seen as a small part of that Purusha, and is constantly changing for it is created and destroyed at every moment. 
 is an open-ended, multi-lingual play in which mantras have been used in their various traditional chanting forms and translations have been interwoven into the play.

Alka, the play performed by the Little Thespian from West Bengal has been written by Manoj Mitra and directed by Uma Jhunjhunwala.

Alka is a social play which throws light on different aspects of life. On one hand it shows the worries of Alka, the mother, and on the other hand there is Mansi, her docile daughter who having once being a victim of domestic violence due to dowry, rises like a phoenix and tries to bring her perpetrators to justice.

There was also a Nautanki performance by the Braj Kala group. The play revolves around how the fourteen day absence of Amar Singh Rathore, general of Shah Jahan’s rajputani battalion, after taking permission for the absence of only seven days, is used by other interested parties to sow the seeds of discord and bitterness between the Mughals and the Rajputs.
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