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No BJP leader ruled out as PM nominee: Sushma

No BJP leader has been ruled out as prime ministerial candidate, senior leader Sushma Swaraj said when asked if L K Advani’s name will be discussed for the top post.

‘We are not moving ahead by ruling out anyone. We are not ruling out anyone. When we will discuss then we will first decide whether we have to declare (the PM candidate) or not. If we decide to declare then we will discuss about all the names. How can we rule out a topmost leader like Advani,’ Swaraj said.

Asked whether the party will project a prime ministerial candidate, Swaraj said, ‘It is not necessary. First of all, we have to decide whether we have to project someone before elections or not.’

‘If we decide to project then we will think about whom to project. When we say appropriate decision will be taken, it involves two steps. First decision will be to project or not to project. And second will be whom to project or not project.’

She said an appropriate decision will be taken at the appropriate time on the prime ministerial issue in consultation with NDA constituents.    
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