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Nitish counters Modi barbs on Bihar becoming ‘haven for terror’

Nitish counters Modi barbs on Bihar becoming ‘haven for terror’
‘Any incident of terrorism is a cause of worry. But if on the basis of one or two incidents Bihar is called a haven of terrorism, what shall we say about several such incidents happening in Gujarat and other parts of the country?’ Kumar asked.

‘Everybody knows who benefited from the serial blasts at the Patna rally which was a flop... had this unfortunate incident not happened it could not have attracted media coverage,’ Kumar, who is senior leader of JD(U), claimed.

‘Befitting his personality some people see everything through the glass of communalism,’ he said in a retort to charges levelled by the BJP Prime Ministerial candidate at a rally at Muzaffarpur on Monday.

Kumar said that his government had taken the terrorist attack at the Buddhist temple at Bodh Gaya and at the BJP rally on 27 October last year as a challenge and took all steps to prevent recurrence of such events. ‘But, playing politics in the name of terrorism when elections are around the corner is a shameless effort,’ he said.

The Chief Minister was speaking to reporters after a foundation-laying ceremony for a road project here.

On Modi’s comments on Third Front, Kumar, who is its prime mover said ‘Takleef usi ko lekar hai (pain is because of this).’  On BJP efforts to play the backward and extremely backward caste cards by highlighting Narendra Modi’s humble background, he said ‘while Bihar has annexure one and two to categorise backward castes for providing benefits is there anything like that in Gujarat?’
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