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Nissan launches new model in India

Nissan Motor Private Ltd [NMIPL] on Wednesday announced the commercial launch of its first seven-seater multi-utility vehicle – Nissan Evalia  – for the Mumbai market. Evalia joins the Micra and Sunny, expanding its home-grown line to three in just two years.

Takayuki Ishida, managing director and CEO, [NMIPL], said this vehicle has been built exclusively for the Indian market and offered a better fuel efficiency of 50 per cent compared to competitors in the market. Five new models are being offered from Wednesday of which two were made in India, he said, adding that the Evalia is the third one made in India with 19.3 km fuel efficiency from its 1.5 L four-cylinder engine.

Pointing out that the company is expecting to get about 2,000 units per month sales in this completely- new segment, Ishida said the Evalia has been priced at Rs 8.49 lakhs [XE], while the XL variants are priced at Rs 8.92 lakhs and 9.49 lakhs respectively, besides the feature-packed top of the range XV grade costing Rs 9.99 lakhs.

‘Our focus on business expansion is aimed also at emerging markets like India’, he said adding that the company has also launched a mobile application where Nissan vehicle buyers could freely download and track the progress of their vehicles.

Nitish Tipnis, director, sales and marketing of Hover Automotive India [HAI], - the national sales company for Nissan Motors – said their market research had discovered a completely-new buyer segment for the Evalia and was looking at taking advantage of the huge opportunities for introducing such a car in this market. This car would also benefit fleet-owners due to the massive fuel savings - especially in the wake of the fuel price hike – compared to competitors, he said.
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