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‘Nirbashito not a biopic on Taslima’

<g data-gr-id="6">Churni</g> Ganguly, the director of Nirbashito, says the acclaimed film is not based on the biography of controversial Bangladeshi writer Taslima Nasreen but rather inspired by her life <g data-gr-id="7">post exile</g>
<g data-gr-id="8">Churni</g> said her debut film, is centred around the solitary life of the author and her relation with her pet cat. 

“The movie is in no way a biopic and is not intended to make a political statement either,” <g data-gr-id="9">Churni</g>, an established actress in Bengali cinema, <g data-gr-id="29">sai</g> The film, which won the best film award at the 2014 Delhi Film Festival and two National Awards earlier this year, features several poems written by Taslima as part of the background score.

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