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Nine on nine

Nine on nine
Last hurried glance at the mirror, patting errant hair into place. Slipping one’s shoes on at the front door. Struggling with the key in the lock.

Well nine artistes have joined hands to showcase their works on the same theme. Each artist has a story behing his art work. participating artistes for this exhibition are Gireesh G V, OP Parameswaran, Preeti Gupta, Priyanka Dua, Darius Chinoy, Gaurav Chawla, Rekha Bajpe Aggarwal, Ruchi Chadha, Shashi Kr. Paul. Artist Darius Chinoy entered the world of photography in 1996 and over the last sixteen years he has travelled the length and breadth of India. The result was a view to life he would never have experienced had he not taken up the lens.  Artist Gaurav Chawla never had any formal training in art. Art has always been his passion. He has experimented across various mediums. Even with an attack of optical neuritis in December, 2009, a right eye that can barely see, loss of colour, he remains inspired and active and determined to paint. His works remains one of brightest in terms of colour mixture across most art shows.

When: 1 February
Where: Dhoomimal Art Gallery
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