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Nicolai casts a spell

Indians have always had a fixed notion about Germany. To some, it is the most economically stable country in the world while to others the name Germany is often synonymous to the horrors of World War II and Hitler’s Nazism. Some even relate to the German football teams, both club, and country. For the spectators present at the Kamani auditorium on Wednesday evening though, Germany would have found a new face in the form of magician Nicolai Friedrich, whose performance captivated the attention as well as the hearts of the people present.

As soon as he appeared through the mist on stage, the audience knew that they were going to witness something extraordinary. With a mixture of quirky one-liners and jaw-dropping magical tricks, “the best mentalist in the world” left the audience craving for more. From levitating a stool to breaking a glass pitcher with his mind to accurately reading people’s thoughts and whipping out a bowling ball from <g data-gr-id="38">thin</g> air, there was nothing he couldn’t do. The audience was stunned as well as entertained which resulted in a standing ovation for him at the end of the show.

On asked about his journey to be a mentalist, Nicolai said, “I started at the age of four with <g data-gr-id="45">classical</g> form of magic, but with age I became more interested in the human psychology. I understood things like pulling rabbits out of the hat would please children but not adults so I wanted to study how people think and I was totally fascinated by the power of the human mind.” He also added that if he was not a magician he would have been a lawyer holding a law degree from Frankfurt. Talking about his visit to India he was very candid. “I love this place. It has been a beautiful journey so far. I had come to India earlier too but only to do some corporate shows. This is the first time I am doing a public show and I am so glad that people have shown this kind of enthusiasm so much so that we are sold out.” He also stated that he loved the Indian cuisine, which was another big reason why he was looking forward to this tour. 

Asked about the secret of his spectacular mind reading abilities, he responded exactly like a good magician saying, “There is a science to everything. I don’t have any supernatural powers and whatever I do is bound firmly to physics. The most important aspect of what I do is rooted in the human psychology and a little bit of magic.” Before signing off, Nicolai had a message for all the aspiring magicians. “Start young. Love what you are doing. If you just think that you want to be a magician just because it looks cool, you won’t succeed. Just practice hard and you’ll be able to reach your goals.”

After the grand success of the Delhi show, Nicolai will perform in Gurgaon on August 14, adding  some more magic to people’s lives.

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