NIA’s hunt for accomplices of Musa in other states continues

The NIA had a discussion in this regard with the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) and both the agencies are working together to get more information about the net that was spread by Musa in the past three years.

According to an officer of the CID, the connection of Musa with people in Hyderabad, Tamil Nadu and West Bengal is well established.

But some of his statements during interrogation made the investigating officers feel that he also had connection with some people from other states.

The officers also got a hint of his connection with some people from the North-eastern states. Though he didn’t have regular conversation with them, Musa is suspected to have talked over the phone with a person from North-east a couple of weeks ago. 

A laptop and a sword were recovered from his house. After examining the electronic gadgets used by Musa, the investigating officers realised that he was expert in handling computers and the online network.

He not only used to be in touch with the top IS leader Shafi Armar through the online networking sites, but he had also taught the same to his associates who were also arrested from Labhpur in Birbhum.

During interrogation, Musa’s associates Kalu and Amin had also hinted about his link with people from some other states. But he used to speak only in one particular language with them.

The investigating officers have not revealed the language in which Musa used to speak over the phone with the persons from other states for the sake of investigation, but revealed that it was neither Bengali nor any South Indian language.

Thus, the investigating officers are now trying to find out the persons with whom he had contact and whether he had ever met them.

The investigating officers have also tried to know the basic reason behind establishing contact with people from different states. The police have got hold of some phone numbers to which he had sent text messages to and had chatted using a social networking site. But the numbers were found to be switched off. 

Thus, the investigating officers are trying to find out the details of the persons against whose names those cell phone numbers were given by the network service providers.


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