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‘NH10 talks about friction between different INDIAS’

‘NH10 talks about friction between different INDIAS’
Director Navdeep Singh, best known for his impressive debut Manorama Six Feet Under, is back with Anushka Sharma-starrer NH10 which, he says, is a dark and gripping tale about the struggle between different Indias.

“It is very dark but at the same time a very gripping and compelling watch. There are many Indias in this country. There are different realities to a city and they co-exist but they don’t know each other. When they accidentally meet, sometimes in bad circumstances, there is friction, a struggle,” Navdeep.

Manorama Six Feet Under, a critically acclaimed murder mystery starring Abhay Deol and Gul Panag, somehow escaped viewers’ radar initially has since acquired a cult status.

He admits that things did not pan out well following his debut. “There were many, many false starts. I was to do Basra but that did not take off and then I was doing another film called Rock the Shaadi. We shot some of it but then it got stalled. It has been 7 yrs but every person has a journey. It has also to do with the kind of films you want to make. If you want to make a big commercial film or have made something big then things become easier.”

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