Newspapers, TV preferred modes of news collection for Gen Z

Newspapers, TV preferred modes of news collection for Gen Z
Seventy five per cent of youth belonging to Generation Z in Kolkata prefer newspapers and television to gather news followed by 38 per cent who use links from friends and Facebook while only 30 per cent use online sources to read news items, according to a survey.

Generation Z (Gen Z) is defined as the group born after 1995. The survey was conducted with students in 15 cities.

The results showed that for around 82 per cent youth, smartphones are the most coveted electronic gadgets. It is interesting to note that smartphones are the most popular mode of accessing the internet. WhatsApp is by far the most popular instant messaging platform (65%) followed by SMS (18%).

The report further stated that Kolkata Gen Z said that face to face communication was the most perfect way of communication with friends (36%) as compared to phone calls and social media.

It was also found during the interview that Generation Z members were brand conscious and 85 per cent of the respondents said they shop online. Electronic gadgets (51%) were most popular buy for Gen Z closely followed by books (49%) and clothes (34%).

It is also interesting to note that 47% girls want to pursue professional courses than boys (40%).
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