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New work ethics

Naturally, the Modi-fication of Indian bureaucracy still has a long way to go, and despite the Prime Minister’s strict work ethics, his executive is falling behind in keeping pace with the workaholic top gun. However, what Naidu witnessed when he paid an unannounced visit to his ministry’s office in Nirman Bhawan on Monday was exactly how the state apparatus has been functioning for more than six decades – in other words a model of inefficiency and displaying a rather lackadaisical approach to running the system.

Babus, still suffering from a colonial hangover, have treated public office as a fiefdom for long, and had expected to sail through the piles of project files without really putting in any effort. In fact, lack of attendance has always been one of the primary failings in government offices, along with a dwindling proficiency in many legislative and executive aspects of the state as well as in awareness of political and economic developments not just in their own country, but around the world. This is symptomatic of a deeper malaise that has been chipping away at our bureaucracy, laying bare the inner rot within India’s vascular system, its administrative service.

Coming late or being irregular about even attending public office is really the tip of the iceberg of a monstrous lethargy that has afflicted the executive, which, ironically, has been constitutionally entrusted with carrying out and implementing the rules of the land and make the system work. Without a commitment to an office as sacred as that of the administrative servants, how can the India Shining fairy tale be realised? 
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