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New PM looks to form Cabinet

Egypt on Wednesday ordered the arrest of top leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood, including its chief, for inciting violence that killed 55 people, even as the authorities said ousted President Mohammed Morsi is at a ‘safe place’.

The general prosecutor’s office said in a statement that it issued arrest warrants for the general guide of the Muslim Brotherhood, Mohammed Badie, as well as for his deputy Mahmoud Ezzat. Eight other top Brotherhood leaders wanted by the prosecution, included Mohammed al-Beltagui, Mahmud
Ezzat and Safwat Hegazi, the sources said.

Badie is accused of inciting the violence in Cairo on Monday in which at least 55 people were killed. The public prosecutor also charged 200 people held over the bloodshed outside the military barracks, sources said.
Several leading Brotherhood figures are already in detention and warrants have been issued for hundreds more.

Meanwhile, a foreign ministry spokesman told reporters Wednesday that Egypt’s ousted president Morsi is in a ‘safe place’ following his overthrow by the army. He added that no charges had been levelled against Morsi yet.
‘Morsi is in a safe place, for his safety and he is being treated with dignity,’ Badr Abdelatty told reporters, in the first public statement on the whereabouts of the 61-year-old leader who was ousted by the army last week.

‘He is not charged with anything up till now,’ he said.Egypt’s military-backed interim government was faced with tough hurdles as both opponents and supporters of ousted president Morsi slammed a temporary charter that seeks to steer the divided nation through a rocky transition phase.
Uncertainty ruled in Egypt Wednesday as the Muslim holy month of Ramadan began and the military said it would address the issues of this week’s deadly violence.

Clashes on Monday between Morsi’s supporters and security forces killed 55 people. It was the deadliest day in Cairo since the revolution begun. Nearly 650 people, mostly backers of Morsi, were also detained as they tried to storm the Republican Guard headquarters here, where the ousted leader is reportedly under house arrest.
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