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New Philatelic counter inaugurated at Eco Park

If you want to have your own photograph or the scenario of Eco Park on a stamp which is valid then visit the Philatelic counter which was inaugurated on Friday afternoon. Chief Post Master General Arundhuti Ghosh along with the chairman of West Bengal Housing and Infrastructure Development Corporation (WBHIDCO) Debashis Sen on Friday inaugurated the counter.

The interested persons can get their photographs printed and use them as stamps by paying a fee. These stamps are valid and can be put on an envelope and send them to their relatives or friends.

Also, old letter boxes now known as the smart letter boxes were inaugurated. There are 14 such smart red letter boxes in New Town. Though because of e-mails, few people write letters these days and social scientists and social psychologists regret that because of e-mail, people of the next generation would not be able to read collection of letters which occupy a special position in literature. 

The letters of Jawaharlal Nehru to his daughter Indira entitled “The letter of a father to his daughter” or the letters of Bertrand Russell and Swami Vivekananda are famous and they occupy an important position in English and Bengali literature.

If letters are dropped in a smart letter box, then the person will be able to know when the letter was dispatched by going to a website.

As Eco Park known as Prakriti Tirtha is a very popular destination now, particularly on weekends, the philatelic counter is also likely to become very popular shortly. Along with individual photographs, they will be able to take snaps of the garden along with the picturesque skyline. Besides, the garden there is a well preserved water body at Prakriti Tirtha and people enjoy boating and sunset. The philatelic counter will be an added attraction at the park.

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