Nepalese rescuers abandon search for bodies of Bengal mountaineers

Nepalese rescuers abandon search for bodies of Bengal mountaineers
Following the request from the West Bengal government, the Nepal government extended the rescue operation till 2 pm on Monday. But the Sherpas could not reach the up to camp number 4.

 They had carried out extensive search operation for last four days but could not recover the two bodies due to inclement weather. 

According to Shanu Sherpa, the head of the rescue team carrying out the operation, said as the condition was extremely bad it was difficult for the rescue team to go beyond camp 2. 

They have, however, spotted the two bodies which were lying near camp 4. But they failed to retrieve the bodies as a strong wind coupled with snow fall was making the search operation extremely difficult.   

Meanwhile, the body of another mountaineer Subhash Pal, which was recovered by the rescue team on Sunday, had been flown back to Nepal via Lukla. His body was recovered from yellow band. 

The rescue operation in last three days had been hampered because of bad weather. The situation was getting bad to worse day by day. The weather remained to be the biggest challenge for the Sherpas to reach to the spot where the two bodies were lying.  
Everest, the highest mountain in the world has become the highest graveyard where bodies of more than 200 climbers rest in peace. These bodies remain on the Everest for years as they could not be recovered. The body of George Mallory the first climber who along with his colleague Andrew Irvine went on an expedition to Mount Everest way back in 1924 died. 

Mallory’s body was lying near the summit of Mount Everest for more than 7 decades. His body was identified later. Many believe that Mallory had scaled the summit and died while descending. 

There are others who believe that he died very close to the summit. Green Boot is a familiar term with the climbers. It is nothing but a pair of boot worn by an Indian climber whose body was found North Eastern Ridge of Mount Everest.

On the other hand four other mountaineers who had climbed the Mount Everest earlier to those who died in the expedition have returned to Kathmandu after successfully scaling the world’s highest peak. They are Moloy Mukherjee, Rudra Prasad Haldar, Ramesh Roy and Satyarup Sidhhanta. They returned to Kathmandu on Monday night. 

It was learnt that they will return on next Thursday. Principal Secretary of the State Youth Affairs Department Sayeed Ahmed Baba who is currently in Nepal has felicitated the four climbers on behalf of the state government. 



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