Nepal refutes Sunita’s claim of reaching Everest summit

Nepal refutes Sunita’s claim of reaching Everest summit
A controversy ignited after the Nepal government said that Sunita Hazra, the lone survivor of a four-member expedition team visiting Everest did not climb the peak thereby refuting Hazra’s earlier claim of reaching the summit.

The Nepal government has published a list of the climbers who had or had not successfully climbed the summit of the Mount Everest this season. 

In the list it was mentioned that Sunita Hazra did not reach the top of the peak as she was unable to produce the pictures taken on the peak.

Sunita was depressed after the Nepal government stripped her of the feat. Her family members said that she could not produce picture of her successfully climbing the peak as she had lost her camera.
Sunita’s husband said that that the agency that conducted the expedition and the liaison officer knew that Sunita had successfully climbed the peak but the information was not communicated to the 
Nepal government.

Only producing the pictures taken by the climber on the peak of Mount Everest cannot be judged as the only authentic document. There are some others evidences also. The agency that conducted the expedition of which Sunita was a part of did not communicate the matter to the Nepal government and that is why the whole confusion has been triggered.

Based on the documents which were sent to its Embassy in Kolkata, the Nepal government stated that Sunita did not climb the peak. Two of her fellow members of the expedition team, Goutam Ghosh and Paresh Chandra Nath were also declared unable to reach the peak and they were also declared dead. It may be mentioned that the bodies of Ghosh and Nath could not be recovered in this season due to bad weather and the closure of the route. Only Subhash Pal, a resident of Bankura who was part of the four member expedition team got recognition from the Nepal government of successfully climbing the peak even after his death. His body was later recovered by a rescue team and brought back to the city later on.

Sunita was also rescued while in the expedition in a very serious condition and flown to Kathmandu via Lukhla. On her return to the city she was so heartbroken at the disappearance of her two fellow mountaineers from Bengal that she could not even speak. But later she claimed that she had climbed the summit on 21 May and later fell ill while descending from the peak.



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