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Neighbour’s envy

Pakistan’s obsession with Kashmir is causing it more heartburn these days than it would have ever thought. If it was the public snubbing of prime minister Nawaz Sharif at the UN General Assembly in late August, PPP chief and politically insignificant Bilawal Bhutto took centre-stage in mid September with a rhetoric which attracted more rotten tomatoes and eggs than any supporters for his clarion call to take every inch of Kashmir back. And now even the United States it seems, has become wearied of Pakistan’s continuous thrust to dismantle whatever little progress that India makes on the peace talks front.

Using militant groups as proxies for the Pakistani Army doesn’t bode too well for India’s troubled neighbour as it will only earn it retribution from every quarter. Pakistan should take a clue from the fact that the Pentagon, which has been supplying the Pakistani Army with a huge cache of arms and ammunition including the F-16’s, has reportedly told the US Congress of the excesses that the theocratic state has been indulging in. One of the reasons why Pakistan cannot restrain itself from being on the receiving end of these public disclosures is because of the lack of a coherent leadership structure in that country.

There absolutely seems no understanding between the ruling government, the Pakistani army and the other political parties in dealing with India. New Delhi has made itself heard loud and wide that it doesn’t want a war but with the Pakistani belligerence on the border not coming to an end, India has been left with no other option than to engage Pakistan in some plain-talk. The terror havens that Pakistan ostensibly nestles in its territory have become such an enormous bane for it that even the ISI now looks clueless to their infiltration attempts inside Kashmir. The irony of India being a much more stable country than what Pakistan could ever be in the last 67 years of independence seems to hurt it much more now.
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