Neel planned to take wife, twins to a party, family member claims

Neel planned to take wife, twins to a party, family member claims
The investigation in connection with the triple murder case at Palm Avenue took a new turn with a statement of a “family member” claiming that Neel Fonseka used to lead a fast life and he had planned to take his wife and twins to a party all of a sudden.

Police didn’t disclose the name of the “family member” whose statement has been recorded on Wednesday, but claimed that the person was well aware about the day-to-day life of Fonseka. In a bid to verify the statement of his family member, the investigating officers went to the hospital, where Neel was admitted, to question him. 

But it was not possible for the police to interrogate him as the doctors told the investigating officers that he was not yet in a stable condition. 

A senior police officer said: “Though it takes some time, we are waiting to get the report of the forensic tests of the stomach contents of Jessica and the twins Darren and Joshua. The report is crucial as it will help to ascertain whether they were poisoned or not before being killed.” The investigating officers have prepared a list containing questions that they will ask Neel. 

“It is not possible for us to question him until and unless the doctor allows. The investigating procedure is getting delayed as the statements of others cannot be verified without interrogating Fonseka,” a senior police officer said. 

Police suspected that Neel had injured himself to divert attention of the police after killing his wife and twins. 

The police would question Neel’s sister-in-law once again as he had asked her to go to sleep when he found her busy chatting with another members of the family in the drawing room at around 4 am. 
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