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Need to revisit Indo-Nepal treaty, says ambassador Upadhyay

For India-Nepal relationship to move forward, there is need to revisit Indo Nepal treaty of 1950. This was said by Deep Kumar Upadhyay, nominated ambassador of Nepal to India at a function here on Thursday. 

Launching the book ”Gorkha: Society & Politics” authored by Brigadier (ret.) C. S. Thapa and published by Centre for Reforms, Development & Justice, New Delhi, chief guest Mr Upadhyay said we have to belief in present and look forward for a better future.

He said, “We have to look at the positive in our relationship and reach out to each other for a more meaningful relation.”

He added, “Peace, stability, and growth of Nepal are not possible without the cooperation of Indian government. We are guided and bounded by same history, and not dominated by political parties.  During recent earthquake, Nepal economy was badly hit. Life was paralyzed; education and healthcare facility became standstill. Now, everything came to normal, and the major credit goes to Modi government.”

On citizenship, he said, “In Nepal, the citizenship is on ancestor basis, by birth and those lived in Nepal for 15 years which automatically comes under the category of naturalized citizenship. Nepal has accommodated all citizens from different countries. Globe has turned into a village, and we can stay anywhere.  
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