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Navy’s sex scandal turning out to be family drama

The Navy’s alleged sex scandal is turning out to be a sordid family drama, in lines of soap operas the entertainment television channels show. Only now, this soap is being played out on News television. Considering the fact that the annual naval commanders conference is also underway at this same time, this is a reflection where the country’s priorities lie.  

Unlike in the USA, where a serious sex scandal is hogging the headlines – cases of wanton rapes and molestations by armed forces’ recruiters and the soldier women’s superior officers – this navy case is actually about a marriage gone wrong.

The wife, Megha Tyagi, of a young lieutenant commander, Gaurav Tyagi, charged her husband with forcing her to get ‘sexually involved’ with his colleagues in a complaint letter to the commanding officer of Lt Cdr Tyagi at the Naval Ship Repair Yard (NSRY) in Karwar on 26 April last.

While in a divorce petition filed on 18 April at a Ghaziabad court, to be undertaken with mutual consent and jointly by the two, the story spun was of ‘mutual discord and incompatibility.’

Along with the divorce petition, the woman and the man had concluded post-nuptial agreement on the same day by which the naval officer had deposited Rs 8 lakhs with the court for later disbursement to his about-to-be former wife, Megha. Another Rs 14.5 lakhs was to be paid by Lt Cdr Gaurav Tyagi on the day they received the decree.

But it all fell through in the next eight days on 26 April, 2013, by which the girl’s obviously disturbed father, Avdesh Prasad Tyagi wrote the complaint letter to the commanding officer of the NSRY, Karwar. In the letter, he made the allegations that there was a dowry demand of Rs 65 lakh during the wedding.

That demand was met, Tyagi, the father alleged. But soon after the marriage Lt Cdr Gaurav Tyagi and his family made more demands, he accused. And of course, the salacious bit: that the navy officer made her to have sex with his colleagues and drink alcohol. They had got married on 10 February, 2012.

Despite this ‘tyranny’, Megha stayed with her husband, Gaurav till 20 August, 2012. On that day, the two flew into Delhi and Gaurav left her at the Indira Gandhi International Airport. Of course, Megha did not forget to take all the items she had brought in as a part of her dowry like expensive clothing, gold ornaments etc.

The navy now has set up a ‘court of inquiry’ and is investigating all the allegations. They have said both the charges – of sexual misconduct and dowry demands – are serious and if proven correct, ‘suitable action will be taken.’
Pinaki Bhattacharya

Pinaki Bhattacharya

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