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‘Nature of terror changing, 2015 may see more attacks’

Clarke Jones from Australian National University said that there was a growing concern about violent extremists and the threat of attacks.

“This year is going to be a year of terrorism in the sense that I think we are going to see more small scale attacks,” he said. Jones, who is among a group of international experts, working to set up Australia’s first Centre for Intervention and Countering Violent Extremism (CVE).

He said: “Terrorism is changing and over the last 12 months. Where we are today is different from where we were before, we are seeing the nature of terrorism changing.”  “The individual is treated separately because there’s not one pathway to radicalisation,” he was quoted as saying in an ABC report.

“That would involve a social worker, a psychologist, maybe a psychiatrist in some cases -- but [it would involve] trying to understand the situation and assess the level of radicalisation and work towards the other way,” said Jones.

He said the plan was for individuals to participate in the programmes depending on the level of radicalisation, following assessments done by psychologists and other experts. Jones said jailing people is not a solution to the problem and will be counter-productive.

“We can’t just lock them away in maximum security prison, that is going to be incredibly ineffective and counter- productive,” he said.



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