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Nature, colour coded

Nature, colour coded
Human beings have a deep relationship with nature. Since the beginning of life, human expression represented nature through art in amazing different forms. Even today, blessed with so much of technological advancement, we humans are rooted to the nature and love to express our relationship with nature in many ways. We take art as the best medium for that.

Nature is all-time favourite for artists in general as they learn art looking at nature with their special eye, catching up beautiful things around.

The exhibition titled A Journey through Nature displays the works of Manju Narain and Saswati Choudhary representing human relationship with nature in their own ways. The show that started off on 7 November at Studio 55 is curated by Kishor Labar. Exhibition of aesthetic expression is like making life more meaningful inspiring the viewers to value life and creativity.

Narain is an introspective artist with a penchant for the unusual and thought provoking images. Reviewed by Late Padma Shree Shri Keshav Malik, her works on paper bear the soft touch of charcoal, pencil, pastel, water color and acrylic depicting strange innocent beings and wistfully-illustrative fairytale creatures, trapped silently within claustrophobic gardens and troubling mazes, as if striving for some means of escape and true expression.  

Saswati  born in 1961,  was enlightened working under the Gurus like Ganesh Haloi, Niranjan Pradhan, Bikash Bhattacharya, and IshaMahammad. She was awarded Jr. Fellowship, Ministry of Culture 1998-2000 and Gold Medal for her artworks from Indian Society of Oriental art, Kolkata.
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