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Nations seek highest political pledge to fight climate change

UN Summit here overshadowed by Donald Trump’s threats to withdraw the US from the historic Paris agreement.The Marrakesh Action Proclamation agreed by all parties –196 nations and the EU bloc – taking part in the summit, was read out at the Conference of Parties plenary session.

The declaration – one of the main outcomes of the summit – said the world has an “urgent duty to respond” to global warming. “Our climate is warming at an alarming and unprecedented rate and we have an urgent duty to respond,” it stated.

“We call for the highest political commitment to combat climate change, as a matter of urgent priority. We call for strong solidarity with those countries most vulnerable to the impact of climate change, and underscore the need to support efforts aimed to enhance their adaptive capacity, strengthen resilience and reduce vulnerability,” it said.

The call came on the penultimate day of the summit tasked with drafting a blueprint for enacting the Paris Agreement adopted in December 2015, and since ratified by 111 countries. 

According to the Paris pact, the goal of limiting average global warming is set at 2 degrees Celsius over pre-Industrial Revolution levels, by cutting greenhouse gases.

The US, India, China and other countries – collectively the three biggest emitters – have pledged to curb emissions under the deal by moving to renewable energy sources.

But Trump has vowed to boost oil, gas and coal and “cancel” the Paris Agreement. He has termed climate change a “hoax” propagated by China, the second biggest emitter after the US. 

The proclamation on Friday noted “extraordinary momentum” underway on climate change, which it said was “irreversible”. The 197 nations said they issue this declaration to “signal a shift towards a new era of implementation and action on climate and sustainable development.”

World should wait & watch Trump’s stand on climate deal: Dave

Amid apprehension that US President-elect Donald Trump might withdraw the US from the climate-rescue Paris Agreement, India on Friday said one should not react on assumptions and “wait” and keep a “close watch” on the situation. 

Environment Minister Anil Madhav Dave, during a media interaction organised by BASIC countries, said Paris agreement is a “settled fact” and whatever is spoken during election campaigns is “different” which is why one should wait for another few months.  

“Nothing official has been there (about US’ decision). On the assumptions, we should not react. We should wait watch and see the situation. Paris is a settled fact. World is going ahead with Paris Agreement,” he said.

He said one should not go for words like “ifs and buts” and wait for a few more months and see the situation. 
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