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National Capital sees whopping 31 per cent rise in crimes

National Capital sees whopping 31 per cent rise in crimes
While the central government, Delhi <g data-gr-id="46">government</g> and Delhi Police were claiming to make the national Capital a safe place for women, but the data maintained by the Delhi Police revealed that there has been 31 <g data-gr-id="42">per cent</g> increase in crime rate than last year.       

Despite all efforts made by Delhi Police by increasing the police force and patrolling vans, more than 500 people have filed FIRs under various sections of the Indian Penal Code. Out of 500 FIRs reported daily, more than 30 cases comes under the heinous crimes that <g data-gr-id="36">includes</g> rape, murder, dacoity, robbery, kidnapping for ransom.

This year, till July 31, around 1,06,422 FIRs have been registered, whereas last year 1,55,654 FIRs were registered. Surprisingly, in 2013 only 80,184 FIRs were registered and in 2012 as many as 54,287 cases were reported to the police.
According to the police report, this year till July 31, as many as six rape cases and around 14 molestation cases were reported almost every day at various police stations.

So far, more than 1,222 cases have been registered for rape till last month, whereas in 2014, around 2,166 rape cases were reported. Similarly, this year till July 31, 2,924 women were molested and FIRs were also filed. However, as many as 4,322 FIRs under the section of molestation were registered last year.

Snatching incidents have seen a sudden rise in Capital with more than one incident taking place every hour. While Delhi Police claimed that they have increased the patrolling of PCR vans and motorcycles to keep a vigil on the street crime, but the crime data suggested that the snatchers have <g data-gr-id="37">free</g> hand in committing <g data-gr-id="38">crime</g>. Till last month, 5,532 people have become the victims of snatching. However, 7,350 snatching incidents were reported last year.  
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