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Women balance dual roles as caregivers and homemakers

New Delhi: Women carrying out their responsibilities in such an unprecedented time have defined a new role for themselves.

In the current scenario, women are more vulnerable to the virus because Indian healthcare comprises 65 per cent of female workers like nurses and midwives who are treating the virus-infected patients day and night.

At home, women are still continuing to perform their role as a homemaker, multi-tasking in domestic work, taking care of children and the elderly.

Dr Vindoa Rajeev, a senior gynaecologist in Delhi-NCR, said: "The present times are quite gruelling, in particular, for women. Nurses, midwives or community health workers are working 24x7 in different shifts. These lady nurses or even doctors, who are deputed in critical care for treating virus patients, once back home, have to take care of the domestic chores which are definitely not easy to perform."

Doris Kumar, a retired matron from Safdarjung Hospital, said: "The lady staff who are deputed in those wards meant for Coronavirus patients, are performing special work and a section of them may be in fear because of the nature of the disease. Once these women go back home, they look after the children and parents or in-laws which is quite


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