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'When I saw my mother, I was bereft of words': Dr Kafeel Khan

LUCKNOW: The eight months he spent in jail was tempestuous for Dr Kafeel Khan, who was released from Gorakhpur district jail on Saturday night, but he says every single second that he spent throughout the day, awaiting completion of his documents, held more burden than what the eight months had been for him in totality.
And when he finally did get the first breath of air outside, it was Kafeel's youngest sister, Zeenat's face that his eyes caught first amidst the crowd gathered outside the jail premises.
"I saw Zeenat, hugged her close and cried and cried. My wife Dr Shabista and my 18-month-old daughter Zabrina were also awaiting my return. Zabrina calls me papa but is yet to recognise me in person, for the time I've spent away from her can never be brought back," Dr Kafeel spoke to Times of India.
But, reaching home from jail, was the breaking point for Kafeel. "When I saw my mother, I was bereft of words. We could not speak for several minutes as just tears and cries of agony followed my homecoming. When my mother saw me, she said: Beta tu a gaya (son you are back) and kept repeating that over and over again. It was an unbelievable
moment for us. But there is god looking above the innocent," he said.
As Kafeel reached home, a goat was sacrificed and the food he had craved for all these months, was readied for a family dinner.
"I offered shukrana namaz to Allah and the first thing I ate was the special kheer my aunt made for me. My paternal aunt who has arthritis and cannot walk, was also at the door to receive me. It is overwhelming. I am mentally tired, emotionally drained and physically sick but extremely happy to be home," said Kafeel.
The crowd outside Kafeel's home was also unexpected for the doctor who was given bail by Allahabad high court for want of evidence. "So many people came to receive me which is unbelievable. I can count the relatives who came to meet me in jail. I just want to go to Muscat, if court allows, with my wife and daughter. My elder sister lives there," he

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