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Varnika Kundu backs campaign to end violence against women

Varnika Kundu backs campaign to end violence against women
Mumbai: Varnika Kundu, who was stalked in Chandigarh by a BJP leader's son last year, has featured in a video as part of Population Foundation of India's (PFI) campaign on ending violence against women and girls.
"We cannot let fear hold us back. We cannot be afraid anymore. That is exactly what gives the stalkers, the abusers, the harassers, who try and shame us, the power to do what they do," Varnika said in a statement.
"If the fear stops us from fighting for our own rights, then how can we ever hope to reclaim our own spaces?" added the daughter of senior Haryana-cadre IAS officer V.S. Kundu.
PFI on Saturday released the video titled 'Bas Ab Bahut Ho Gaya - Enough is Enough!'.
It is Varnika's account of the night she was stalked in her hometown, and used her presence of mind to call the police. However, Varnika's fight is not over as the stalkers belong to influential political families.
Varnika says she would not have been able to fight such a powerful set-up if her family did not support her. Her mother who was also interviewed in the video mentions how many told her that nobody would marry Varnika since she was too "bold".
Director Feroz Abbas Khan, who is backing the PFI initiative, said: "The fact that no one asks a man why he is out late at night but casts aspersions on women who are out at night is what needs to change.
"It is the responsibility of each and every one of us to ensure a safer society for our women. And we won't be able to achieve it if we don't teach our sons how to treat women, and simultaneously our daughters on how to fight for their respect."



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