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'Simultaneous LS & Assembly polls to save money, manpower'

Simultaneous LS & Assembly polls to save money, manpower
MUMBAI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday said that holding Vidhan Sabha and Lok Sabha elections simultaneously can save money and manpower. "My government has only one agenda for the Budget — and that is development. And that's what you will see," Prime Minister Modi said in an exclusive interview to a private television channel.
The Modi government is set to present its last full Budget ahead of the general elections of 2019. The financial statement for the year ahead is being keenly watched by critics because of tough decisions taken by the Modi government like launching the unified Goods and Services Tax (GST) and demonetisation.
Asked about the bold financial decisions taken by his government, Prime Minister Modi said, "If you measure the work done by our government in these four years by only these two parameters, it's unfair. After nationalisation of banks, about 30-40 per cent of the population was out of banking system.
"We brought them into the system. Isn't that an achievement? Thousands of girls skipped school because there were no toilets. We built those toilets for them. Isn't that an achievement?"
Modi also said that he is in favour of holding general elections and state polls together.
"Logically speaking, holding different elections on different dates creates a burden on the Exchequer. Politicians are always under stress. So, I think both Vidhan Sabha and Lok Sabha elections should be organised simultaneously. It will save money and manpower," the Prime Minister said.
He also said that every atom of his body is indebted to the country and he wants to keep serving the people of the country. "When I see satisfaction in the eyes of the common man, it gives me power," Prime Minister Modi said.
Modi has been hailed by international political observers as well as the global media for rising to the Prime Minister's post from humble origins as a tea seller's son.

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