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RSS plans nationwide drive to raise killing of its Kerala functionaries

RSS plans nationwide drive to raise killing of its Kerala functionaries
Strongly condemning 'the politics of murder' practiced by Communist Party of India (Marxist) in Kerala, the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) has announced organising nationwide awakening programme against Kerala government over rampant killing of innocent RSS functionaries in the state.

According to Krishna Gopal, Sah Sarkaryawah of RSS, the social outfit would bring to the notice of different stakeholders of the society such as academicians, lawyers, and entrepreneurs the cruelty of Kerala government under the leadership of state Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan.

"The ideology of CPI(M) is to not believe in democracy as they believe in intense hatred. They hate any kind of opposition and whoever tries to take a stand against them, the cadres of CPI(M) brutally kill them to create an atmosphere of fear among the residents of that locality," said Gopal.

"We have been fighting an ideological war against them and it's the result of that fight that over 400 RSS functionaries have been murdered by CPI(M) people in Kerala. We are helpless as police officials are also active members of the CPI(M)," the RSS veteran said, adding, "The ideology of RSS is very simple – live and let live. The CPI(M) goons have killed even their former colleagues who became sympathisers of RSS."

"Recently, four workers who had switched their sides from CPI(M) to RSS have also been murdered, which very disturbing. We will take up matter of killing of RSS functionaries in the state by CPI(M) goons with different stakeholders of the society and awaken the people about wrongdoings of communist party," Gopal said, adding that by not allowing organisations other than the CPM to function in many parts of the state is sheer violation of constitutional rights guaranteed by the constitution to every organisation.

"Police case investigations are being unduly influenced. The politics of violence practiced using numerical strength and political power has crossed all limits. What is happening in Kerala are one sided attacks. Every act of violence in the state sees CPM on one side," he added.

"After LDF government came to power in Kerala, there have been 436 FIRs of political violence in Kannur district only, 690 citizens arrested and 11 BJP/RSS/IUML/Congress and even those who wanted to leave communist party were killed," said J Nandkumar, the convenor of Pragya Pravah wing of RSS.

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