RSS frames action plan to promote social equity

RSS frames action plan to promote social equity
Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) is going to introduce new action programmes for social equity and harmony. It feels there should be 'One Temple', 'One Cremation Ground' and 'One Water-Body' for all in a non-discriminatory way. The RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat vouched that,

"The first and foremost remedy is a continuous process in which we should learn to completely reject all kinds of discriminations in our personal, family, professional and social behavior. We will have to change our habits for that."

Bhagwat also asserted that, "The issue of discrimination crops up in the form of injustice incurred by ancient Brahminical system." "Due to the discrimination of thousands of years, there would be anger, sometimes even hatred and still we should continue to strive for building bridges," he added.

At the same time, he also pitched for inter-caste marriage and also assured that Swayamsevaks will stand for these issues. In an interview of pro-RSS magazine 'Organizer' the senior Sangh leader mentioned that, "many issues arise in public life, like inter-caste marriages.

Those issues also face opposition. We insist that Swayamsevaks should stand in favor of such reformative measures. Generally, it happens and it should happen. If you take a survey, you will find more Swayamsevaks with inter-caste marriages than anybody else."

At the same time, he also escalated the misperception of society towards RSS and added, "There were well-intended people in the society who believed that this organization must be in support of the caste system or caste-based discrimination. Then, this issue was publically discussed about the Sangh. This perception was there and there were many people who used this to unfairly target the RSS."

Union Minister of States Piyush Goyal said that, reports and the society use to misguide all and convey a wrong message about both Sangh Karyakartas and BJP workers. "But they should work together for for progress," he said.
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