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RS panel to consult social media platforms to check 'unsafe' contents

RS panel to consult social media platforms to check unsafe contents

New Delhi: In an attempt to put a check on availability of porn contents through social media platforms, the Informal Group of Members of Rajya Sabha on regulating access of children to internet pornography has decided to consult stakeholders such as WhatsApp, Google, Facebook, Sharechat, etc to find out the ways to handle the serious issue.

The group, which was formed at the behest of Rajya Sabha Chairman M Venkaiah Naidu, got into action quickly and held its first meeting on Monday–the day most of the members of both the Houses demanded toughest punishment for people accused of rape cases.

According to sources, in its first meeting, the Group, which has 14 members of Rajya Sabha belonging to 10 different political parties, has decided to be consult civil society groups, experts, parent groups, government agencies like computer emergency response team (CERT-In) and law enforcement agencies, etc.

The Group has also decided to consult regulators like TRAI, National Commission for the Protection of Child Rights, social media companies, Internet service providers, content publishers, etc to find out the ways to control pornography contents.

"Given that smratphones and internet have brought pornography to every household, children are getting more exposed to such unsafe contents. The social media platforms have a great role to perform in controlling the unsafe contents, which is easily available on mobile phones," the sources said, adding that the growing access to internet and social media also leads to increased exposure to unsafe content like pornography and potential risks of online harassment, abuse and exploitation.

As per the sources, the members also voiced concern over the generation of online child sexual abused materials (CSAM) which is accessed by any one on the internet.

Notably, Naidu had urged for formation of the group after Vijila Sathyanath had raised the issue of misuse of internet and the attendant child abuse in Rajya Sabha on November 28.

The members of the informal group are Vinay P Shasrabuddhe, Rajeev Chandrashekar and Roopa Ganguly of BJP, Jairam Ramesh, MV Rajeev Gauda and Amee Yajnik of Congress, Derek O` Brien of TMC, Tiruchi Siva of DMK, Vijila Sathyanath of AIADMK, Jaya Bachchan of SP, Vandana Chavan of NCP, Amar Patnaik of BJD, Kahkashan Perween of JDU and Sanjay Singh of AAP.

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