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'Resolve differences through peaceful dialogue'

"Have you ever heard of a place where peace and goodwill have been impediments in the quest of a good life? Violence never resolves any issue. No problem in the world can be solved by creating another problem. It can only be solved by seeking an optimal solution," the prime minister said.

Referring to the resettlement of Bru-Reang refugees in Tripura, Modi said the agreement reached between the Centre, Tripura and the Mizoram governments is a fine example of "cooperative federalism". He said with the agreement, the nearly 25-year-old Bru-Reang refugee crisis –"a painful chapter" –was forever put to an end.

Going into the genesis of the issue, he said in 1997, ethnic tension forced the Bru-Reang tribe to leave Mizoram and take refuge in Tripura where they were kept in temporary camps in Kanchanpur. "It is painful that the Bru-Reang community lost a significant part of their lives as refugees. Life in camps meant that they were deprived of all basic amenities. How painful had it been to spend every moment, every day of their lives hurtling towards an uncertain future. Governments came and went, but there was no cure for their pain. Despite that, their unwavering belief in the Indian Constitution and culture continued," the

PM said.

Around 34,000 Bru refugees will be rehabilitated in Tripura. The government will provide an assistance of close to Rs 600 crore for their rehabilitation and all-round development.

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