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Replace 'Sindh with 'Northeast' in national anthem: Congress MP

Replace Sindh with Northeast in national anthem: Congress MP
New Delhi: A Congress MP on Friday moved a private member resolution in the Rajya Sabha to replace the word "Sindh" in the national anthem with the "Northeast" saying there is no point "glorifying" a place of a hostile nation.
Assam Pradesh Congress Committee president and Rajya Sabha MP Ripun Bora also said when the national anthem was adopted in 1950, the then President Rajendra Prasad had said if required the anthem would be amended in future.
"There is no mention of the Northeast in the national anthem but has the mention of Sindh, which is now part of Pakistan. Why are we glorifying a place of a hostile nation. There is no point," he said.
Bora said since the then President had said the national anthem could be amended, it should be done now to replace the word "Sindh' with the word "Northeast".
The Congress leader said he has moved the private member resolution in the Upper House today and it is expected to be taken up next week.
An MP can move a private members' resolution on an allotted day.
The names of all members from whom such notices are received shall be drawn by lot and those members who secure the first five places in the draw of lot for the day allotted for private members' resolutions shall be eligible to give notice of one resolution each within 10 days of the date of the draw of lot. A resolution may be in the form of a declaration of opinion by the Council or in such other form as the Chairman may consider appropriate.
Subject to the provisions of these rules, any member may move a resolution relating to a matter of general public interest.
In order that a resolution may be admissible, it shall satisfy the following conditions: (i) it shall be clearly and precisely expressed; (ii) it shall raise substantially one definite issue; (iii) it shall not contain arguments, inferences, ironical expressions, imputations or defamatory statements etc.
The Chairman shall decide on the admissibility of a resolution, and may disallow a resolution or a part thereof when in his opinion it does not comply with rules. After a resolution has been moved any member may, subject to the rules relating to resolutions, move an amendment to the resolution.
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