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Recovery rate jumps to 34% from 25% in 15 days

New Delhi: Even though confirmed cases of Coronavirus have climbed to 81,970, the country recorded a significant number of recoveries in the last 15 days as the rate of recovery has improved to 34.06 per cent which was just 25 per cent on April 30 –registering a rise of 9 per cent. Notably, on an average, about 1,200 patients cured in a day in the last 15 days.

Also, with 1,685 new recoveries in the last 24 hours, 27,920 patients out of total 81,970 confirmed cases have won the COVID-19 battle and discharged from different hospitals. Maharashtra that reported maximum 27,524 positive cases, registered highest 6,059 recoveries accounting to 21 per cent recoveries at the

national level.

"Improvement in the recovery rate is a good trend. It shows that people are following the containment and lockdown measures strictly," a senior health ministry official said.

Of the total 27,920 cured patients, Maharashtra has reported 6,059 recoveries, followed by Gujarat at 3,753, Delhi at 3,045, Rajasthan at 2,580, Tamil Nadu at 2,240, Madhya Pradesh at 2,171, Uttar Pradesh at 2,072, Andhra Pradesh at 1,192, Telangana at 950 and West Bengal at 768.

The highest recovery rate has been reported from Chhattisgarh followed by Kerala, Pudducherry, Uttarakhand and Rajasthan. Chhattisgarh reported 56 recoveries out of 60 COVID-19 cases at the rate of 93.3 per cent, while in Kerala 491 patients cured out of 560 cases at the rate of 87.67 per cent and in Pudducherry, 9 cured out of 13 confirmed cases at the rate of 69.23 per cent.

Uttarakhand witnessed recoveries at the rate of 64 per cent as 50 COVID-19 patients have been discharged out of 78 cases and Rajasthan recorded recoveries at a rate of 56.90 per cent as 2,580 patients have been cured out of total 4,534 positive cases.

Andhra Pradesh has performed better as till now 1,192 patients have been cured out of 2,205 positive cases registering the recovery rate of 54.05 per cent followed by Haryana wherein in 439 patients out of 818 cases have cured at the rate of 53.66 per cent.

The recovery rate of Uttar Pradesh stands at 53.10 per cent as out of 3,902 cases, 2,072 patients have been discharged from hospitals. Himachal Pradesh reported recoveries at 52.7 per cent followed by Ladakh at 51.16 per cent, Goa at 50 per cent, Jammu & Kashmir at 49.33 per cent, Telangana at 49.09 per cent and Madhya Pradesh at 49.05 per cent.

In Telangana, 950 patients out of 1,414 positive cases have recovered, while 2,171 patients have been cured in Madhya Pradesh.

The states like Karnataka, Assam, Jharkhand and Bihar have reported recoveries at the rate of 46.60 per cent, 44.82 per cent, 44.16 per cent and 41.34 per cent respectively.

Gujarat, the home state of PM Narendra Modi, has recorded recoveries at a rate of 39.13 per cent as out total 9,591 confirmed cases, 3,753 patients have been discharged.

Similarly, Delhi reported 3,045 recoveries at the rate of 35.95 per cent, West Bengal recorded 768 recoveries at the rate of 32.38 per cent and Maharashtra registered 6,059 recoveries at the rate of 20 per cent. According to experts, more patients would get cured in the coming days as India is following robust treatment protocols.

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