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PM seeking to use budget to sack Sitharaman: Rahul

New Delhi: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday said Prime Minister Narendra Modi is seeking to use the "useless" budget presented by a "clueless" Nirmala Sitharaman to dump the entire blame on her and sack her.

"Dear PM, The economy has imploded and you must be racking your brains on how to avoid the blame. Use the useless budget presented by clueless Nirmala Ji. Sack her and dump the entire blame on her. Problem solved," he said on Twitter.

Gandhi has been blaming the prime minister for the state of the economy, often accusing him of destroying it through his policies including demonetisation and GST. He has also been criticising the budget presented by Finance Minister Sitharaman, saying there was no strategic idea or anything concrete in it.

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