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No-incumbency factor in Bihar

No-incumbency factor in Bihar
BJP's Bihar unit president Nityanand Rai, who is Yadav face of the party, says that there is no role of BJP in the conviction of Lalu Prasad in different cases of fodder scam. In a freewheeling talk with Dhirendra Kumar for The Millennium Post, Rai says that all round development is the sole agenda of NDA government in the state. Excerpts:
You must have started the preparations for the upcoming 2019 Lok Sabha elections. What are your strategies to counter anti-incumbency factor against the ruling government in which you are a key partner?
Development of the state and upliftment of downtrodden is the only agenda of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). When the government is tirelessly working to eliminate corruption to make poor get their rights without paying bribes, then there is no question of any anti-incumbency factor. The victory of BJP in Gujarat has proved that our government works for the overall development of every section of the society including people belonging to economically weaker sections, farmers, etc.
When the government works for the welfare of people, develops an ecosystem for their comprehensive welfare, builds confidence among them, then people start trusting the government instead of forming the opinion against the government. Similar is the case with the BJP-ruled government in Bihar.
The BJP workers are working on the direction of party's national president Amit Shah. The unmatched organisational skill of our national president is driving force for the BJP workers. It's the outcome of our party's national party president's micro-management abilities that workers are actively working in every seat.
There is no match to the works done by NDA government under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The world knows India by the name of our Prime Minister. The developments works kick-started by Modi government has created a huge confidence among masses. The wave is in favour of BJP across the country and we are very sure that the BJP would again register an unprecedented victory in the upcoming Lok Sabha polls. We are confident that party will get more seats than the previous election.
There is a perception among the people of the state that whatever is happening with RJD chief Lalu Prasad Yadav is the handiwork of BJP. What are your comments?
Ans: It's the family members of Lalu Prasad who are alleging the role of BJP in putting Lalu behind the bars, which is totally wrong. The issue is being intensely raked by family members, supporters of Lalu. Here, I want to make it very clear that not even Yadavs, but the whole backward communities of the state have come to know that how Lalu Prasad had plundered the state. The fund that had been siphoned by Lalu through fodder scam was meant for the development of farmers, Yadavs, backward communities, etc.
Its impact would be on Lalu Prasad only as poor people have started talking that they have been looted by their own leader. The CBI court verdicts have discredited Lalu and his family in the eyes of poor people of the state. There will be no negative impact of it on BJP, rather the party has gained the trust of the people.
You are the second president of the party representing Yadav community after senior leader Nand Kishore Yadav. Are you sure that yadavs, which constitute about 14 per cent of the total vote share in the state, would trust your leadership?
To be very frank, the BJP is not a caste-centric party and it has no such policy too. The party works for the holistic development of every community with any discrimination on the basis of caste, religion, culture, etc. Development is the only agenda of the party as we work on the policy of Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas.
In answer to your question, I can only say that Yadavs of the state are no more with Lalu. For Lalu Prasad, development of yadavs is restricted to his family members only. Whenever Lalu had got an opportunity, he promoted his family members only such as chief ministerial post to Rabri Devi, deputy CM post to his son Tejashwi Yadav, Rajya Sabha seat to his daughter Misa Bharti, etc.
As Bihar is known for its caste-ridden politics, what are your plans to woo OBC and most backward caste voters under your tenure as party chief?
There is no doubt in it that votes of OBC and most backward castes are with the BJP. The party has its presence in every section of the society and considers caste politics a curse. It's a fact that casteism is a major roadblock to the development of the nation. In my opinion, the prevalence of casteism gives rise to corruption in the society. Shockingly, incidents have been reported in Bihar about people looking for doctors of their caste. One can imagine as how casteism has destroyed the social fabrics of the state. We are against caste politics. We pledge to dismantle the politics of casteism and we are confident of getting success as the people of Bihar wants development.
Doubts were raised that seat sharing would become a bone of contention for your allies in 2019 general elections? Your comments?
There is no such issue. Our all allies are intact and 'agree' to take their seat share. We are confident of winning all 40 seats.
What are your plans to expand your social base before the 2019 Lok Sabha polls?
I've started identifying local issues besides motivating workers to highlight the central government's development works at ground level. All the scheme of the Prime Minister is meant for the development of farmers, poor, socially backward communities, etc. The schemes are for the development of the country, so we will go the people with the achievements of our government at the Centre.
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