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'Our alliance will win 300 seats'

What are BJP's prospects in UP?
This time, it seems difficult for BJP to win the Assembly elections. The money ban movement has been quite difficult for the poor. Still, there are queues in front of ATMs. BJP is good at rhetoric's but on the field, they are unsuccessful.

How do you assess note ban?
In UP, many have died. Also, our government has reached to their kin to provide financial help. As I always say..paisa kaala ya safed nahin hota (money is neither white nor black). The money on which tax is not paid might be called 'unaccounted money' and government might charge penalties. Those below the poverty line cannot afford an internet connection and hence cannot pay digitally. Due to money ban, poor people have faced many hardships.

How do you take it when opposition parties associate SP with goonda raj?
Oh..that is a story of the past. Dial 100 scheme is fetching results and so is women helpline. The focus is to solely maintain law and order and also strengthen women safety in the state.

How do you explain SP's alliance with Congress party?
Although, it is history but it is for the betterment of the nation. Both SP and Congress are working closely to win elections and make this the best state in India. UP has been the gateway to PM'S chair. As I said, cycle 'ko haath ka saath mil gaya hai, raftaar tej rahegie.'

SP has given 105 seats to Congress while it just has 2 MPs and 27 MLAs, at present. Any comments?
This is called 'large-heartedness' but there have been instances where they ranked second. To have a reliable partner and send positive signals to voters, we have acceded to their demand.

What about the rift and public sparring in the family?
Netaji is going to start campaigning and that itself is a sign that there is no rift. After elections, SP will form the government and there are no doubts on this. Netaji ka aashirwaad rahega hamesha…(Netaji's blessings will always be with us). SP is his party.

Only once that an incumbent CM in UP, Gobind Ballabh Pant, was re-elected. Would you repeat the history?
SP and Congress will win around 300 seats and history shall be repeated. I will be announced the CM again. There is no polarization. Voters from all communities are supporting us. Wait for the results.

Who do you think the youth will vote for?
Almost 50 percent of the voters are youth. The youth consider Rahul Gandhi and me as their friend. They shall accept this alliance because SP has fulfilled its promise of distributing laptops. If we come to power, we shall distribute smartphones and also create jobs as promised.

What was the landmark infra project completed under your present tenure?
Recorded all over the world, UP is one of the states where Lucknow-Agra expressway was completed in a record time and the funds for it were derived from state government's coffers. Lucknow Metro Rail has been made operational in a record time. Transmission lines for electricity distribution have been laid in the remotest areas.

What is your main poll plank?
Development, employment, women's security, no goonda raj, farmer welfare and other issues benefiting the state are my aims. "Kaam Bolta Hai"…is our slogan. SP and Congress will be the government. Wait until March 11…
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