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PM Modi may intervene on demonetisation issue in Parl

Unlike the last Winter Session of the Parliament, first phase of the budget session may not face a rough weather this time. The government indicated to the main opposition party Congress that this time if they allow the House to function properly PM Narendra Modi may intervene in the debate on motion of thanks to the President's address to the joint sitting of the Parliament and explain the reason for his decision on demonetisation.

On Tuesday, before the commencement of the House Prime Minister told reporters that,"I am optimistic that all political parties will join hands to ensure a healthy debate in the Parliament in the larger public interest". After the adjournment of both the Houses for Wednesday, the opposition leaders met Union Parliamentary Affairs Minister Anant Kumar and others in the chamber of the Chairman of the Rajya Sabha. In that informal meeting Government indiacated that Prime Minister was keen to take part in the debate if they allow House to function smoothly.

Meeting of the business advisory committee could be held properly because one of the key opposition party TMC decided to boycott the House for initial two days. Other opposition parties,mainly Congress does not want to take any decision without the consent of TMC. They want to continue to show their united strength as they had shown in the last session. And particularly Sonia Gandhi and Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi want to continue with the opposition unity which they achieved after the demonetisation.

It's also learnt that the main opposition party Congress , this time wants to listen to the PrimeMinister and don't want to disturb the house as they had done during the Winter Session. Sources in the Congress parliamentary party indicated that they wanted the Prime Minister to be on record in the floor of the house so that they could campaign vigorously during the course of five state assembly election.

Besides the opposition parties want to raise issues regarding preponing the presentation of the Union Budget. It is the first time that Union General budget is being presented on the first day of the February along with the Rail Budget. And this the first time Finance Bill would be passed before the end of the new financial year. Passing of Finance Bill is tentatively scheduled on March 22 which is a rare thing happened in the history of Parliament. Earlier Finance bill used to be passed on the second half of the May. of every year.

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