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Despite all limelight, UP's electricity crisis remains unresolved

The state of Uttar Pradesh has gone through several twists and turns of political events in the past few months. All the political parties have released their lists of candidates and manifestoes but the rhetoric question that keeps ringing is: Will the parties be successful in providing the state with the basic infrastructure?

The recurrent problem of the state is its inefficiency to provide the masses with the basic requirement: 'electricity'. To back up for the deficiency, both Centre and state play the game of passing the blame. The following villages of the state: Hathras, Etah, Bulandshaher and Aligarh are still in the dark. The NDA government has put its claims down straight and unequivocal: "The poll-bound state has, by all means, failed to provide masses with the necessities. The power supply, power projects and implementation of Uday has been a doubtful move. The rural areas are yet to receive electricity."

Speaking on this issue, the World Bank has defined India as the home of un- electrified population. During the 2014 Lok Sabha election campaign, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had pledged to bring reliable power connection to all the citizens. While BJP shows remarkable progress to meet its 2019 set deadline, various others still tag India as poor and the most vulnerable country.

The entire political scenario of the state turned even more dramatic with the implementation of BJP- led government, Narendra Modi's money ban movement. The wave of demonetisation gulped down all the profits received by the state from agriculture and industries. Since then, the state is dotted with maddened masses that do not leave a stone untouched when it comes in castigating the movement. The banks and ATMs present in the rural areas of UP have failed to meet demands of the people on a daily basis.

The BJP government which has been on a political hibernation in UP since 2002, is all up and fresh to create its own patch in the state in 2017. But, the victory chances seem to be like a far-fetched dream. The BJP's manifesto for Uttar Pradesh elections contains a list of pledges to bring developmental changes in the state.

At the same time, Akhilesh Yadav is seen weaving his dream of a germ-free party and also, the state being run by a young leader. SP claims that during his tenure, he did all he could to make the state progressive.

Counting on analysis and researchers, the poll experts believe that formation of a meticulous social, economic and demographic state is required to win the highly-dramatic elections of the country. They say, "Especially, after the apex court passed a rule stating that a candidate's election will be declared null and void if an appeal is made to vote for the candidate based on religion, race, caste, community, it seems very tough for all parties, even secular "grand alliance" of Congress and SP."
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