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Kashmir unrest: Guv warns against confrontational methods

Kashmir unrest: Guv warns against confrontational methods
Jammu and Kashmir Governor N N Vohra on Thursday cautioned against confrontational approach being adopted to resolve the problems in the state as it could lead to serious consequences, even as he patted the youth for excelling in various fields depsite the Valley unrest.

"In the past several years, I have been repeatedly cautioning against the serious consequences of a confrontationist approach being followed to resolve our problems," Vohra said.

The governor made the remarks after unfurling the national flag at a Republic Day function here.

"I yet again appeal to the leaders of all social, cultural, religious, political and other organisations in the state to seriously ponder over the happenings in the past months and recognise that the recurring agitations are causing varied adverse consequences for our people, particularly those who live in the Valley," he said.

Vohra said the time has come for the leaders of various movements in the society, and all those who follow them, to accept that the continuation of hartals and violent protestations will yield no other result except the state and its people to slip further far behind.

"As we have seen for ourselves in the past few years, despite the severe constraints arising from recurring spells of disruption and disorder, our youth has been doing very well in almost every arena," Vohra said while addressing the the function here.

Vohra hoisted the national flag and took salute at an impressive parade at the Maulana Azad Stadium here.

He said that a matter for even greater pride, in the past year is that "our young boys and girls have won medals in various sports at National, Asian, Common Wealth and World Championships".

Patting actress Zaira Wasin of Dangal fame, Vohra said, "and, more recently, one of our bright young girls from the Valley has made an excellent beginning in the fiml industry.

"If the upcoming generation is to achieve its full potential it is the responsibility of all the stakeholders to ensure that an undisturbed environment prevails in the state," he said.
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