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NCERT's reading series for all to promote inclusive education

NCERTs reading series for all to promote inclusive education
Taking forward the words of Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the overall development of divyang kids, the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) has prepared a reading series, in the form of a multimedia, for inclusive classrooms. The reading series for all has been introduced in a set of 40 illustrated story booklets with five themes and four reading levels. The reading series, which is easily accessible for children of special needs, has been developed with a focus on promoting inclusive education by a national-level team led by the Department of Education of Groups with Special Needs of the NCERT.

Explaining about the new reading series, which would be introduced in schools for nursery students, NCERT director Hrushikesh Senapaty said, "The multimedia package is first of its kind which is meant to be used by all children while learning to read during the early foundation years. The stories are based on children's experiences in their surroundings with birds and animals, games and toys they play with, food they enjoy and their own relationships."

"It has been noticed that parents change their kids with special needs to different schools after such they fail to get adapted with the normal students, which is not justified. When there are lapses in the system, we are changing students rather than correcting the system. The prime objective of new reading series is to bring together all kids in one classroom," the NCERT director said.
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