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Yoga is inclusion of all facts of body & universe in one word

 Baba Ramdev |  2017-06-19 16:48:06.0  |  New Delhi

Yoga is inclusion of all facts of body & universe in one word

Yoga is the inclusion of all the facts of the body and the universe in one word. One only needs to understand the whole truth of yoga and live accordingly. If we do not understand the truth, then we remain partially or completely deprived of it.

People with great responsibilities must think of it seriously, about Yoga's authenticity at personal as well as global level. When we evaluate the personal, family, economic, social, political and spiritual benefits and truths of yoga with full sincerity, we experience pride, good fortune and benefit in being a yogi of self and society.

Even in pious Bhagavad-Geeta, it has been mentioned that yoga, the basic nature of the human consciousness, is "self-realisation and truth" and theultimate goal is the fulfilment of life.
The man is the best creation of nature or God. Even in the form of the human body, the universe, complete knowledge, sensation, power, happiness, its full formation and awakening is possible only through the knowledge of yoga and practising yoga.

Today, the biggest challenges that the world is facing are violence, crime, terrorism, war, intoxication, corrupt conduct and corruption, the extreme struggle of ideologies, injustice, inhuman inequality, selfishness, egoism and indolence and the only solution for all of these is the knowledge of yoga.

The comprehension of spiritualism, regular practice of yoga and yogic divine make a person best in the society.

The basic principles of yoga are integration, coexistence, world-wide/pure knowledge, pious karma and worship (Gyan Yog, Karma Yog and Bhakti Yog). Also fasting, diksha, reverence, prayer, purushartha and paramartha are other key basic principles of yoga. In contrast, ignorance, superstition and indolence are the biggest obstacle elements of yoga.

When a person becomes a dedicated yogi, his body becomes healthy and then he becomes useful for the mankind. A person attains the status of yoga by practising regular and correct exercises of yama, rule, asana, pranayama, meditation and by following the principles of yoga, its philosophy.

When our brain gets enlightened with the knowledge of science, art, skill, devotion, through divine deeds, then we become a true yogi.

All the exercises of our life become superior, refined and divine by practising the different asanas of yoga daily. Therefore, regular yoga is the basis of a healthy, prosperous, successful and happy life.

To say life in two words, it is - vision and behaviour. The yogi's vision is also very high, pious and superior and the conduct of the yogi is also pious, holy and superior. The ultimate goal of life is to attain pureness, superiority, purity and divinity.

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