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Cong targets Modi over failure in job creation

Cong targets Modi over failure in job creation
The Congress on Thursday accused the Narendra Modi dispensation of failing to fulfil its promise of creating two crore jobs every year, and asked the prime minister to make his position clear on BJP president Amit Shah's claim that it had never made such an electoral promise.

Senior Congress spokesperson Anand Sharma also raised apprehension about the changes in H-1B visa rules by the US administration, and asked Modi to raise the issue with US President Donald Trump and seek credible assurances from him during his visit later this month.

He dubbed as "futile" the prime minister's "much-delayed cosmetic" exercise of holding a meeting with Niti Ayog, the government's policy think-tank, on job creation and said it came after the government realised the seriousness of the crisis.

"The prime minister should make it clear whether he agrees with his party president Amit Shah that the BJP had never promised to provide jobs or to create jobs. He should make his position clear. He cannot remain silent and if Amit Shah is right, this means another false promise and the complete betrayal (of the people) by the BJP," he told reporters.

He said the prime minister should stop making false claims and he must realise after three years in power that the time for propaganda and publicity was over.

"Did the prime minister not talk about job creation for the youth of the country? When it is time for giving answers, they are making excuses," Sharma said.

He said it was time to give an account of the "miserable performance of his government, his failure to provide jobs as promised".

Sharma said this government was giving wrong answers and it would be better if Modi talked honestly instead of continuing to make false claims and admitted his mistake before the people of the country and apologised.
Raising the issue of H-1B visas, Sharma has said there has been a fall of 37 per cent in such visas to Indians and asked Modi to raise the issue with Trump during his visit to the US. "He should demand and obtain credible and firm assurances from US President Donald Trump that he will reverse his decision which discriminates against Indian professionals...
He cannot return empty-handed," the Congress leader said.
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